Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 14: Life After Signing a Carbon Contract with Kyle Henry

1 minute

Life After Signing a Carbon Contract with Kyle Henry

We sat down with Kyle Henry, an Ohio rancher, who is also an Agoro Carbon Alliance member. We chat about the early onboarding process from a rancher’s perspective to help others understand what exactly happens after a carbon contract is signed. He transports us to Uhrichsville, Ohio or as he says “a little slice of heaven” on his operation, Grace Meadows Farm. Kyle shares his family farm history, the transition from raising dairy to beef cattle, and his current acres of pasture enrolled in the Agoro Carbon program. Kyle takes us through the onboarding phase of our carbon program from the data collection points like herd size and pregnancy rate to the anticipation of his soil sample results.

Learn more about Grace Meadows Farm on their Facebook page.

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Published on: March 21, 2023