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Shawntel Ervin

Agronomist, CCA

Shawntel started with Agoro Carbon Alliance in August 2021. Growing up on a small hobby farm inspired her curiosity in all things plant-related. Her success in judging crops as an FFA participant during high school led to scholarships, coaching opportunities, and an M.S. degree in Plant and Soil Science. It also generated her interest in production agriculture. She studied alongside Oklahoma State University’s nutrient management specialist as a research assistant—working in multiple crops and on a master’s project in the development of a yield prediction model and SBNRC for winter canola. Shawntel was also a biological science aid for the USDA-ARS—working with peanut, wheat, and barley. Post graduation, she taught introductory courses in plant and soil sciences, and spent five years as a precision agronomist at FarmersEdge. Shawntel is a Certified Crop Advisor and 4R Nutrient Management Specialist. Her areas of expertise are nutrient management and general soil science/agronomy.
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